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Cover Woog Riots album Alan Rusbridger
New Woog Riots album: Alan Rusbridger
Release date:
March 11th 2016
(Vinyl, Download). Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco! (lo-fi 007)
Distributed by
Broken Silence
UK: Shellshock (release date: 22 April 2016)

January 2017: Woog Riots released a video for their song "Emma Momoka" to promote their forthcoming tour in Japan (February / March 2017).
Video still from Woog Riots 'Emma Momoka'

November 2016: Jonny Collins (of Modesty Blaise) will play two exclusive shows in Germany January 2017!
Jonny Collins
Jonny Collins & Special Guests
06.Jan. 2017 Darmstadt, Goldene Krone (Kneipe)
07.Jan. 2017 Mannheim, Altes Volksbad

October 2016: Meet From Lo-Fi to Disco! / Woog Riots at Bime Bilbao (ES) Conference & Festival. Get in contact:
Mail From LoFi to Disco!

September 2016: The Spaghetti Wings will release their new single on September 30th on vinyl (+ Download Code), including two new tracks, "Quest for the After-Work" and "Talking in Tongues". More informations... / Shop...
Spaghetti Wings - Cover Vinyl Single Sept. 2016

Watch their superb 8 bit video for
"Quest for the After-Work":
Spaghetti Wings - Video 'Quest for the After-Work'

August 2016: Digital Download E.P. "Revisionen Vol. 1",
Release Date: 05th August 2016. More informations and music players... Remixes for Woog Riots’ Album ‚Alan Rusbridger‘ by Apollo Lovemachine, Jörn Elling Wuttke and Unicorn Crew.
Artist: Woog Riots

May 2016: Tuff City Kids aka Gerd Janson and Philipp Lauer made two amazing remixes of the Woog Riots song "Moscow Domodedovo". It will be released on vinyl / download through www.lofitodisco.com (distribution Broken Silence) on May 6th, 2016.
Cover Woog Riots Moscow Domodedovo Remix Single

Alexander Tundakov made another amazing video: Moscow Domodedovo (Tuff City Kids Aeroeffekt Mix).
Video still - Moscow Domodedovo Aeroeffekt

April 2016:
'An act of genius' – Alan Rusbridger the editor on Alan Rusbridger the album! More: www.theguardian.com

Guardian print

March 2016: On March 11th the new Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger" will be released. This is the third video from the album: George Harrison, filmed and directed by Glyn Bailey.
Video "George Harrison"

February 2016: First video outtake "Rain from the new Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger". The video for "Rain" was written, filmed and directed by Alexander Tundakov in Moscow in 2016.
Woog Riots video Rain

Second video outtake from new album "Alan Rusbridger": Moscow Domodedovo, filmed and edited by Jonny Collins.
Video Woog Riots "Moscow Domodedovo"

January 2016: "Alan Rusbridger" on green vinyl limited to 300 copies.
Release date: March 11th 2016
Alan Rusbridger on green Vinyl

January 2016: The Spaghetti Wings - Tour (see Live dates) + new video "Blue Moon"
The Spaghetti Wings video Blue Moon

December 2015: New Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger" is completed. Alan Rusbridger" was produced by Joern Elling Wuttke, Lolo Bluemler and Woog Riots. Joern Elling Wuttke is known for his work with "Alter Ego" together with his band mate Roman Fluegel.

October 2015:
Milton Fisher, Download Single: "Europapokal" (lo-fi 008) Milton Fisher were a band from Darmstadt / Germany playing ska-and-folk-influenced indie pop music with brass. They existed from 1989 to 2002.
Cover Single Milton Fisher - Europapokal
Europapokal is a song about their favourite football club SV Darmstadt 98. The song was written by singer Marc Herbert in 1999. At this time Darmstadt 98 actually played in the 4th Division (Oberliga Hessen).

March 2015: Micro Pop Week Duesseldorf. We will be there!
Meet us here: Mini-Label-Messe Brandnester,
Sa. 21.03., 14 h
Micro Pop Week
plus: Mr. Boredom's blog about The Spaghetti Wings Album "Random Hurray" - read here...

February 2015: Video The Spaghetti Wings - Alarm
first song from their album "Random Hurray"
Video The Spaghetti Wings - Alarm

January 2015: Umherschweifende Produzenten are nominated for the longlist of the German Record Award 2015 (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis 2015, Jury Electronic & Experimental). Together with artists such as Aphex Twin, Caribou and Scott Walker + SunnO))). Wow! Their album 'Elektronische Musik' got some good reviews... read here.

December 2014: A new member in the From Lo-Fi to Disco! family - The Spaghetti Wings (Hamburg). We will release their debut album "Random Hurray", February 27th 2015 (CD/Download), distributed by Broken Silence.
The Spaghetti Wings

November 2014:
Releaseparty Umherschweifende Produzenten "Elektronische Musik" will take place at Golden Pudel Club Hamburg, November 5th 2014 (Fuerst Mittwoch with Klaus Walter, DJ Patex & King Fehler).
Umherschweifende Produzenten - Video for VUT Indie Award 2014
Umherschweifende Produzenten - Video for VUT Indie Award 2014

October 2014:
Umherschweifende Produzenten
Debut album 'Elektronische Musik' (lo-fi 005), released October 24th (CD/download), distributed by Broken Silence
Umherschweifende Produzenten: they formed the band on demand by extraterrestial beings.
Umherschweifende Produzenten
Video for "Produzenten"

September 2014: :
VUT Indie Days 2014 (Berlin Postbahnhof, 03.-05. Sept.) -  Umherschweifende Produzenten were nominated for Best Newcomer / VUT Indie Awards. Congratulations! Of course we were there!
VUT Indiedays 2014

May 2014: We welcome Umherschweifende Produzenten (Hamburg, GER) in our artist roster. From Lo-Fi to Disco! will release their debut album Elektronische Musik, October 24th 2014 (CD/download)
. Umherschweifende Produzenten are Knarf Rellöm and Manuel Scuzzo.

We're also proud to announce to release the long awaited new album by Bristol-based band Modesty Blaise in 2015!

Modesty Blaise 2014

May 2014:
Woog Riots download single 'The Story of Pop' released through iTunes and all other digital services.

March 2014: Woog Riots had the pleasure to write a 1 minute song for Karl Bruckmaier's new book The Story of Pop to be released by Murmann-Verlag on March 4th, 2014.
Front page 'The Story of Pop'

July 2013:  
Woog Riots album 'From LoFi to Disco!' released on CD, Vinyl and Download.
Distributed by Broken Silence.
UK: distributed by Shellshock.
US: distributed by Tedium House / Revolver USA
album cover From Lo-Fi to Disco!


Woog Riots
Japan Tour 2017
11.03.17 Tokyo - Koiwa Bushbash 
04.03.17 Kobe, der kiten
03.03.17 Kobe, Helluva Lounge
26.02.17 Kyoto, Socrates
25.02.17 Osaka, Namba-Bears

Jonny Collins (of Modesty Blaise)
06.Jan. 2017 Darmstadt, Goldene Krone (Kneipe)
07.Jan. 2017 Mannheim, Altes Volksbad


The Spaghetti Wings: cover single "Quest for the After-Work", Sept. 2016
lo-fi 110 The Spaghetti Wings
"Quest for the After-Work / Talking in Tongues"
7" vinyl single + download code
Release date 30 September 2016

Artist: Woog Riots
lo-fi 011 Woog Riots "Revisionen Vol. 1"
Remixes by Apollo Lovemachine, Jörn Elling Wuttke and Unicorn Crew. DigitalDownload E.P. Release date 05 August 2016

Cover Woog Riots Moscow Domodedovo Remix Single
lo-fi 010 Woog Riots "Moscow Domodedovo - Tuff City Kids Remixes" (Vinyl / Download) distributed by Broken Silence Release date: 06 May 2016

Cover Woog Riots album Alan Rusbridger
lo-fi 007 Woog Riots "Alan Rusbridger" (Vinyl / Download) distributed by Broken Silence Release date: 11 March 2016

Front cover album 'Random Hurray' by The Spaghetti Wings
lo-fi 006 The Spaghetti Wings
"Random Hurray" (CD / Download)
distributed by Broken Silence
Release date: 27 February 2015

Frontcover Umherschweifende Produzenten - Elektronische Musik
lo-fi 005 Umherschweifende Produzenten
"Elektronische Musik" (CD / Download)
distributed by Broken Silence
Release date: October 24th 2014

album cover From Lo-Fi to Disco!
lo-fi 002 Woog Riots
"From Lo-Fi to Disco!"
(CD / Vinyl /
distributed by Broken Silence
Release date: July 19th 2013

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