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Modesty Blaise

Single cover - Modesty Blaise - I'll be Home For Xmas
Artist: Modesty Blaise
Single: "I’ll Be Home For Xmas" (
Streaming / Download / Video)
released November 26, 2021 (lo-fi 024), written by Jonny Collins

November 2021:
Modesty Blaise surprised us with this fantastic
Xmas record. "I'll Be Home For Xmas" released November 26, 2021.

Do you have a Xmas playlist? Is it packed with classics? Are you going to play the same records you played last year, and the year before? When was the last time you added something to it? Well this year you have something to make your Xmas.
Press Release Single I'll Be Home For Xmas:

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Video Link

Video filmed at various locations and Factory Studios, Bristol.
Cinematography: M M Van Dyke
Producer: Dorothy Collins


Video Modesty Blaise - I'll Be Home For Xmas
Video: Modesty Blaise - I'll Be Home For Xmas

Modesty Blaise, November 2021
Modesty Blaise, November 2021

Modesty Blaise, November 2021
Modesty Blaise, November 2021

Album "The Modesty Blaise"
Album cover - Modesty Blaise - The Modesty Blaise
Artist: Modesty Blaise
Album: "The Modesty Blaise" (Vinyl /
Streaming / Download)
released March 26, 2021
Label: From Lo-Fi To Disco!   (lo-fi 018)
distributed by Broken Silence
March 2021: The latest Modesty Blaise album 'The Modesty Blaise' has been released March 26th, 2021.

You can order your copy of this fantastic looking 180g limited edition vinyl record at any good record store worldwide. For example here: Juno Records (UK), Rough Trade (UK), HMV (UK), Disk Union (Japan), Amazon.com (USA), HHV (Germany), JPC (Germany) or direct from our shop here...

Album info "
The Modesty Blaise"

Bristol-based avant indiepop outfit Modesty Blaise have announced the pending release of a new album via German label From Lo-Fi to Disco! A baroque pop collection titled 'The Modesty Blaise', this is the band's third studio album and their first LP in 20 years since releasing their head-turning 'Melancholia' LP (2001), featuring hit single 'Carol Mountain'.

Ahead of this, they present the lead single 'Girls Just Wanna Dance', a perfect orchestral pop song and live favourite singalong that is more Music Hall than Dance Hall. A longtime set closer, ‘Blaise fans have been crying out for it to be recorded and here it finally is. You can bounce around your own kitchen to it and rip your own sink out just for fun.

This new release was preceded by a string of singles, including 'Natalie Vendredi' with its endearing nouvelle vague video, which will also be included on the album.

Modesty Blaise have been around for a few decades in various guises. After forming in late 1993, the band recorded their debut single 'Christina Terrace' with the esteemed Edwyn Collins at the helm, garnering them immediate success with a live appearance on ITV and inclusion among many many end-of-year top music rankings. This acclaim however was not enough to quell the kind of internecine warfare that Modesty Blaise have become famous for.

After 'Melancholia', the band faced one delay after another with line-up changes and deteriorating personal circumstances. An all-too-familiar spiral, the years went by slowly but, no matter how bad it got, Jonny still had his guitars in his mum’s attic.

"When everyone else was in their bedrooms working on guitar solos and dreaming of being a rock god, I was reading biographies of Cole Porter and listening to Gershwin and Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin. I try to write concise things, with deliberate moves away from that where necessary," says frontman and songwriter Jonny Collins.

"Melody, arrangement and counter melodies... The 3 minute pop single is, I’d contest, the summit of great art. It is timeless, and we consistently get it wrong confusing art with commerce. If your art (or your pop record) sounds like today, it may sound like yesterday pretty soon. We're interested in Pop iconoclasm".

Other notable highlights include supporting Robbie Williams at London's O2 Arena, inclusion in a Rough Trade compilation, an ITV company documentary on Jonny Collins, and a BBC Radio session
involving seventeen people.

Jonny Collins – Vocals
David W. Brown – Bass
Gregory Jones – Guitars
Mark Bradley – Drums
Alastair Jenkins – Guitars
Roger Huckle – Violin

Jörn Elling Wuttke – Mastering (Klangfabrik Frankfurt)

Video Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
Video Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance

Two more fabulous videos from the forthcoming album:
Video Modesty Blaise - Come Lie Beside Me Modesty Blaise - Come Lie Beside Me

Video Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi
Video: Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi


Modesty Blaise, January 2021
Modesty Blaise, January 2021
download full size photo
(0,3 MB / 1080 x 1440  px)
Photo Modesty Blaise

Album cover - Modesty Blaise - The Modesty Blaise
Download: Album cover, 3000x3000 px (3,8 MB)

Download Complete Album Artwork
12" Vinyl outer (jpg, 0,8 MB)
12" Vinyl Inner (jpg, 1,1 MB)

Single "Girls Just Wanna Dance"
Single cover - Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
Artist: Modesty Blaise
Single: "Girls Just Wanna Dance" (
Streaming / Download / Video) released February 5, 2021
 From Lo-Fi To Disco!   
(lo-fi 022)
distributed by Broken Silence
written by Jonny Collins

February 2021: Modesty Blaise release their 10th single 'Girls Just Wanna Dance' on February 5, 2021.
Single info "Girls Just Wanna Dance"
Whatever happened to that Modesty Blaise? The purveyors of fine pop music, the people behind Carol Mountain and it’s award-winning album Melancholia? Oh yeah, I remember them, massive great pop songs with everything in them, I think they all died in a freak disco accident.

Well I’ve got a surprise for you. They released an acclaimed single last year, Natalie Vendredi - you must have heard it, and they’re back with another one and an album. Does it have that Wall of Sound thing where they throw in everything but the kitchen sink? I love that. Better than that, not only is the entire kitchen in there, they’ve broken into next door’s house, ripped their sink out and put that in too. You’re going to love it even more. Girls Just Wanna Dance, longtime live favourite singalong, more Music Hall than Dance Hall. You can bounce around your own kitchen to it and rip your own sink out just for fun.
Monte for the race?
Notes for editors: Modesty Blaise are from Bristol, UK and have been around in various guises since the late 1990s. This single is from the forthcoming album The Modesty Blaise (to be releaed March 26, 2021). Modesty Blaise are available for press/radio interviews and sessions.

Reviews single 'Girls Just Wanna Dance'

"Modesty Blaise makes for cheeky pop perfection... Fantabulous dance-pop, Modesty Blaise will remind you that Brits are the king of wit and groovy retro-laced musical wanderings, not far from the mark set by Pulp back in the 90s" The Big Takeover Magazin, February 2, 2021

"This will lure you in, the same way that Roger Moore's The Saint and Emma Peel and John Steed's The Avengers did... This is the new Pulp - but with steller retro flair that, both sound and fashion-wise, runs deeper than Jarvis Cocker's own wardrobe"
Amplify Music Mag, February 2, 2021

"'Girls Just Wanna Dance' gives the long-suffering fans exactly what they want. What, then, might that be? Blaring horns, catchy melodies, cleverly written lyrics, and a whole lot of charm.The Recoup website  - Song of the day! February 4, 2021

"This song is catchy. And I mean catchy in a stuck in your head fashion. This is a good thing, trust me. Partly because Modesty Blaise will put a smile on your face. And the story-tell factor of the video adds punch to the punchline and puts some stammer in your step." Jammerzine, February 6, 2021

"...it sounds like they have a very large band playing on the single with a cool string section and some great keyboards as they tell us that Girls Just Wanna dance and the best way top make friends with said girls is to dance with them. Who could argue with them when a single is as catchy as this one undoubtedly is!" www.whisperinandhollerin.com, February 2021

Video Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance
Modesty Blaise - Girls Just Wanna Dance

Photo Modesty Blaise - January 2021
Modesty Blaise, January 2021
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(0,3 MB / 1080 x 1440  px)
Photo Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise, January 2021
Modesty Blaise, January 2021
download full size photo
(0,1 MB / 600 x 600  px)
Photo Modesty Blaise

November 2019:  Welcome Modesty Blaise! Their new single 'Natalie Vendredi' released by From Lo-Fi to Disco! November 22nd 2019!

Single cover - Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi
Band: Modesty Blaise
Single: "Natalie Vendredi" (Streaming / Download / Video)
released November 22, 2019 
Label: From Lo-Fi To Disco!   (lo-fi 017)
distributed by Broken Silence

Natalie Vendredi by Modesty Blaise doesn’t sound like anything else you’ve heard this century - or ever. Inspired by the mad dash some British people are making pre-Brexit, Natalie Vendredi is about courting a French girl in order to get a European passport.  Songwriter Jonny Collins “I heard of a friend of a friend who spent the summer in Spain actively looking for a girlfriend. However, mostly this song is because there are plenty of Natalie songs but, as far as I know, not a single one has rhymed Natalie with Philately which I considered a gross dereliction of duty.”

The single is typically Modesty Blaise; 3-minute (exactly) orchestral pop, laden with strings “I wanted to use real strings in the way that many people use sampled strings - so the violins play chords all the way through” (Collins) and with a great nouvelle vague video shot in France to accompany.
There you have it, a song about a French girl that came into being because of the need to make an arcane rhyme, that sums up Modesty Blaise.

Info "Natalie Vendredi" Info Single - english -  "Natalie Vendredi" (pdf) Info Single - german -  "Natalie Vendredi" (pdf) Info Single - french -  "Natalie Vendredi" (pdf) Info Single - russian -  "Natalie Vendredi" (pdf) Info Single - spanish -  "Natalie Vendredi" (pdf)

Video  Video Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi
Video: Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi

Single cover - Modesty Blaise - Natalie Vendredi
Download: Single cover, 3000x3000 px (jpg)

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