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Germany: 1-2 CDs/7" 2,00 Euro, 3-4 CDs 5,00 Euro, 1-3 LPs + CD  5,00 Euro
International: 1-4 CDs/7" 5 Euro, 1 LP 5,00 Euro, 1 LP + CD or 2 LPs 7 Euro
other quantities on request
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Digital Downloads available through iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Finetunes and all other digital services

Woog Riots "People working with computers" on 3 1/2-inch floppy disk
Woog Riots
"People working with computers"
special edition on a
3½-inch floppy disk.
1 Song

5 Euro
April 2018: Cologne Popfest released "People working with computers" as special edition on a 3½-inch floppy disk.

Cover: Woog Riots - Monstrous Monsters lo-fi 012
Woog Riots

"Monstrous Monsters"
download single
1 Song, 2017

released August 11th 2017
available through iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Amazon and all other digital services

Cover Spaghetti Wings vinyl single September 2016 lo-fi 110
The Spaghetti Wings

"Quest for the After-Work / Talking in Tongues"
2 songs 2016

 7" Vinyl single
6 Euro

(including download code)

From Lo-Fi to Disco bag      From Lo-Fi to Disco!
12" fan bag

3 Euro

Cover Woog Riots album Alan Rusbridgerlo-fi 007
Woog Riots

"Alan Rusbridger"
13 songs 2016

 12" green Vinyl (including CD)
15 Euro

Cover Woog Riots Moscow Domodedovo Remix Single lo-fi 010
Woog Riots
"Moscow Domodedovo"
  Tuff City Kids Remixes
3 songs 2016

12" vinyl E.P.
8 Euro

Artist: Woog Riots lo-fi 011
Woog Riots

"Revisionen Vol. 1"
Digital Download E.P.
4 songs 2016

Remixes for Woog Riots’ Album ‚Alan Rusbridger‘ by Apollo Lovemachine, Jörn Elling Wuttke and Unicorn Crew.
More informations and music players...

released August 5th 2016
available through iTunes, Spotify,
Beatport, Finetunes and all other digital services

Milton Fisher - Cover Single 'Europapokal' lo-fi 008
Milton Fisher
download single
1 Song, 2015

released October 2nd 2015
available through iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Finetunes and all other digital services

Frontcover Umherschweifende Produzenten - Elektronische Musik  lo-fi 005
Umherschweifende Produzenten
"Elektronische Musik"
8 Songs, 2014

CD 12 Euro

Front page 'The Story of Pop' lo-fi 009
Woog Riots
"The Story of Pop"
download single
1 Song, 2014

available through iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Finetunes and all other digital services

Song was written for Karl Bruckmaier's book The Story of Pop, released by Murmann-Verlag on March 4th, 2014.

Front cover album 'Random Hurray' by The Spaghetti Wings lo-fi 006
The Spaghetti Wings
"Random Hurray"

12 Songs, 2015

CD 12 Euro

album cover From Lo-Fi to Disco! lo-fi 002
Woog Riots

"From Lo-Fi to Disco!"
14 songs 2013

CD 12 Euro
 12" Vinyl12 Euro
In 2013 Frankfurt artist Michael Riedel designed the cover artwork for Woog Riots' album 'From Lo-Fi to Disco!'. German Bundesbank has actually given Michael permission to print his own money (called Riedel) on genuine euro banknote paper. Now you have the choice to purchase your personal copy of Woog Riots' album 'From Lo-Fi to Disco!' for 10 Riedel! Buy here.

Cover Woog Riots - Post Bomb Chronicles lo-fi 001
Woog Riots
"Post Bomb Chronicles"
13 songs 2012

CD 10 Euro
12" Vinyl 12 Euro

Vinyl released by Ritchie Records

Cover Woog Riots - PASP lo-fi 003 
Woog Riots
15 songs 2008

CD 10 Euro

Cover Woog Riots - Strangelove TV lo-fi 004
Woog Riots
"Strangelove TV"
13 songs 2006

CD 10 Euro
12" Vinyl 12 Euro (includes 1 bonus track)

Cover Woog Riots 7" Split with Schwervon Woog Riots & Schwervon! (NY) split single
released by
Decoy Industry
2 songs 2009
7" vinyl (80 g)

sold out
limited edition of 222 hand numbered units in silk screens. Schwervon! - 'Ballon' b/w Woog Riots - 'People working with computers'. 

Cover Woog Riots 7" King of Pop Woog Riots 
"King of Pop" single
3 songs 2004
7" vinyl

sold out
songs: king of pop, fortune teller hotline, friends of mine (written by Adam Green)

Photo Woog Riots bag: Astronaut Woog Riots fan bag with
the design of the album
"Post Bomb Chronicles"

sold out

Cover A tribute to the Fall "Perverted by Mark E. - A tribute to The Fall" 2cd compiled by woog riots & alfred hilsberg for ZickZack records, hamburg. woog riots contribute with "mark e. smith & brix" (written by Barbara Manning), april 2004

sold out
+ Knarf Relloem, Jeffrey Lewis, I Ludicrous, Like A Stuntman, Tocotronic, Preston School of Industry, Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys!, Jowe Head, The Container Drivers, Rockformation Diskokugel, Locust Fudge, Chris Brokaw, Chris Knox, Chris Cacavas, SYPH, Klaus Walter, Boy Division, Michaelia Melian & many more!

Cover Falling Uphill Compilation "falling uphill", guitar-pop compilation cd by windless air music, acra, ny, usa. woog riots contribute with "mrs pharmacist", august 2004

sold out

+ Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys!, Television Personalities, Jowe Head, Katze, The Container Drivers, Milton Fisher, Rockformation Diskokugel & many more!

Last update: 22nd April 2018