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Woog Riots

Woog Riots are Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert. The sound of this German/Italian duo can be described as a unique mixture consisting of quirky indie pop, boy/girl vocals with a Lo-Fi attitude of singing, electronic beats and synthesizers.

In 2020 / 2021 Woog Riots are releasing a series of singles. This project started with "Yayoi Kusama" followed by "Good Scientist" and "Who makes the Stars". In May 2021 the band released a single called "Bob Dylan". All tracks are produced by
Woog Riots, Lolo Bluemler and Joern Elling Wuttke.

Woog Riots - November 2020 download full size photo  3,8 MB / 300 dpi, Photo Woog Riots, November 2020

Single 'Bob Dylan'

May 2021:
'Bob Dylan' is the name of the new Woog Riots single released May 14th, 2021 (lo-fi 023). Woog Riots got an invitation to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday with an event in May 2021 in their hometown Darmstadt. Instead of contributing a Dylan cover song Silvana Battisti and Marc Herbert decided to write their own contribution.
- single info "Bob Dylan"

German pdf-file

Single cover - Woog Riots - Bob Dylan
Download: Single cover, 3000x3000 px (jpg)

Woog Riots video: Bob Dylan
Video Woog Riots - Bob Dylan

Along with the 'Bob Dylan' single Woog Riots release a video with a very special participation concept. Musicians, film makers, actors and painters from all over the world show their favorite Dylan album or sing along. Jeffrey Lewis from New York City, Matthias Kom (The Burning Hell) from Canada, Knarf Rellöm from Hamburg, Nan Turner (Nan + the One Nite Stands) from Kansas City and many more.

Single 'Who makes the Stars'

December 2020: "Who Makes the Stars” is Part 3 of our Woog Riots single series 2020/2021 (lo-fi 021).

- single info "Who makes the Stars"

pdf-file    German pdf-file

Single cover - Woog Riots - Who makes the Stars
Single cover, 3000x3000 px (jpg)

Woog Riots video: Who makes the Stars
Video Woog Riots - Who makes the Stars

Single 'Good Scientist'

September 2020:
New Woog Riots single "Goog Scientist" to be released September 1, 2020
(lo-fi 020). - single info "Good Scientist"
English pdf-file    German pdf-file

Single cover - Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
Download: Single cover, 3000x3000 px (jpg)

Woog Riots video: Good Scientist
Video Woog Riots - Good Scientist

Single 'Yayoi Kusama'

April 2020:
Woog Riots released their single "Yayoi Kusama" (lo-fi 019) - a tribute to the outstanding Japanese artist famous for polka dots, infinity nets and pumpkin sculptures.  - single info "Yayoi Kusama" English pdf-file   German pdf-file

Single cover - Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
Single cover, 3000x3000 px (jpg)

Video Thumbnail Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama
Video Woog Riots - Yayoi Kusama

Album 'Cut-up and Paste'

March 2019:
'Cut-up and Paste' was released on March 01 2019 (lo-fi 013), distributed by Broken Silence. Produced by Joern Elling Wuttke, Lolo Bluemler and Woog Riots. Joern Elling Wuttke is known for his work with "Alter Ego" together with his band mate Roman Fluegel.

- album info "Cut-up and Paste -
german (pdf) / german (word-doc) / english (pdf, comming soon)
Cover Woog Riots - Cut-up and Paste
download full size cover image

(3000x3000 px 300 dpi, 1,70 MB)

Woog Riots - Cut-up and Paste Tour 2019 22.03.2019 Darmstadt - 806qm
25.03.2019 Aschaffenburg - Kornhäuschen
27.03.2019 München - Kafe Marat
28.03.2019 Hamburg - Astra-Stube (Labelnight)
29.03.2019 Kiel - Prinz Willy
30.03.2019 Köln - Tsunami
31.03.2019 Offenbach - Hafen 2 (Afternoon Show)
06.04.2019 Berlin - Monarch

18.04.2019 Wien - Fluc

Digital download single "Revolution (Radio Edit)" (Lennon/McCartney) released February 1 2019 (lo-fi 016). Available through iTunes, SpotifyAmazon and all other digital services.

Digital download single "Hello Bus Driver" released November 23 2018 (lo-fi 014). Available through iTunes, SpotifyAmazon and all other digital services.

August 2017: Woog Riots single "Monstrous Monsters" is available worldwide for digital download on all streaming services.

Woog Riots Video 'Hello Bus Driver'
Video for "Hello Bus Driver", was directed
by Woog Riots and filmed by Woog Riots
and Michael Hess.

Video Woog Riots 'Revolution (Radio Edit)'
Woog Riots "Revolution (Radio Edit)", video by Alexander Tundakov.

Video still - Woog Riots - Monstrous Monsters
Video Monstrous Monsters, filmed in Venice / Italy, May 2017.


Woog Riots - November 2020 Woog Riots, November 2020
download Foto
(3,8 MB / 300 dpi)

Pressefoto Woog Riots download full size photo
(891 kb / 300 dpi)
Photo Stefan Neubig

Last update: May 10th, 2021