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Woog Riots - Revisionen Vol. 1

Artist: Woog Riots
Release 05th August 2016    Label: From Lo-Fi to Disco!   
Digital Download E.P.   (lo-fi 011)  
available through iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, Finetunes and all other digital services

Download info Revisionen Vol. 1 english + german (pdf)

Revision (change), the process of changing, improving or making addition to something
Revision (study), the work of studying for an examination
Revisionen Vol. 1 (Woog Riots), Remixes for Woog Riots’ Album ‚Alan Rusbridger‘ by Apollo Lovemachine, Jörn Elling Wuttke and Unicorn Crew.

Jörn Elling Wuttke, who provided two Remixes for this E.P., was the producer of the Woog Riots’ album “Alan Rusbridger”. Together with Roman Flügel he founded the project 'Alter Ego', achieving international recognition with Techno and Electronica albums and tracks. Apollo Lovemachine did a couple of remixes for the band “Fünf Sterne Deluxe”.

Woog Riots album "Alan Rusbridger" has been released March 11th 2016 by From Lo-Fi to Disco! (lo-fi 007). More informations...


'An act of genius' – Alan Rusbridger the editor on Alan Rusbridger the album (April 2016)!
More: www.theguardian.com

Guardian print

Alan Rusbridger Tour 2016
07.10.16 München, Feierwerk (Sunny Red), "get rid! any gender is a drag"
20.08.16 Waldeck, Freakquenz 2016
19.08.16 Darmstadt, Centralstation
04.06.16 Darmstadt, P Party Kunsthalle
20.05.16 München, Suedstadt
19.05.16 Offenbach, Waggon
11.05.16 Mainz,  Dorett Bar (GEILOKAY! with Psycho-Jones & his Pop.Bingo)
06.05.16 Berlin, Flittchenbar
05.05.16 Hamburg, Astra-Stube
05.04.16 Darmstadt, Schlosskeller (Early Late Night Show)
01.04.16 Frankfurt, Tiefengrund
30.03.16 Koeln, Tsunami (+ Desperate Journalist)

more dates to come...


Info album Revisionen Vol. 1 E.P. (pdf)
- english + german

Cover Woog Riots album Alan Rusbridger
lo-fi 007 Woog Riots "Alan Rusbridger" (Vinyl / Download) distributed by Broken Silence Release date: 11 March 2016

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Last update: August 5th 2016