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Your new favourite indie label! since 2013

Woog Riots
Artist: Woog Riots

In August 2024 a new Woog Riots album will be released: Collectors of Pop.

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Bluesky: @woogriots.bsky.social

Modesty Blaise
Modesty Blaise, January 2021

The latest Modesty Blaise album has been released March 26th, 2021. A baroque pop collection titled 'The Modesty Blaise'. Ahead of this, they present the lead single 'Girls Just Wanna Dance', a perfect orchestral pop song and live favourite singalong that is more Music Hall than Dance Hall.

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The Spaghetti Wings
The Spaghetti Wings

Hamburg based psychedelic-homerecording pop-duo founded in 2012. The Spaghetti Wings released their second studio album 'Cherry Picker' on March 29th 2019.

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Milton Fisher
Milton Fisher at Boellenfalltor Stadium

Milton Fisher were a band from Darmstadt / Germany playing ska-and-folk-influenced indie pop music with brass. They existed from 1989 to 2002. From Lo-Fi to Disco! released their song "Europapokal" as digital download single (available through iTunes and all other digital services). Europapokal is a song about their favourite football club SV Darmstadt 98.

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Umherschweifende Produzenten
Artist: Woog Riots

From Lo-Fi to Disco! released their debut album "Elektronische Musik" (lo-fi 005), October 24th 2014 (CD/DL, distributed by Broken Silence). Umherschweifende Produzenten are Knarf Rellöm and Manuel Scuzzo. 

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Video "Produzenten"

Last update: March 3, 2021