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Your new favourite indie label! since 2013

German Bundesbank has actually given Frankfurt artist Michael Riedel permission to print his own money on genuine euro banknote paper. Riedel’s 300,000 art(ificial) banknotes are on view at the Money Museum in Frankfurt am Main. The printed works will be on show, and are available for purchase, until 25 February 2018. 

You have the choice to purchase your personal copy of Woog Riots' album 'From Lo-Fi to Disco!' for ten Riedel!
The cover artwork was designed by Michael Riedel in 2013. The album includes the song "My Andy Warhol Poster" by The Times with Michael Riedel, Denise Mawila and Woog Riots on vocals!

album cover From Lo-Fi to Disco!
lo-fi 002
Woog Riots

Album "From Lo-Fi to Disco!"
14 songs 2013

CD 10 Riedel
 12" Vinyl10 Riedel
Ten Riedel

1. To order from this page please send an e-mail to
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2. we will send you an e-mail with the total amount of Riedels and shipping costs. Your Riedels need to be send by postage.
3. Shipping must be paid in Euros (cash or via Paypal).

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